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 WELCOME:) Thanks for stoping by my page! I just recently lost weight! Almost 65 LBS! If you want

 info on how i did that click on the Synergy logo below! I hope you have a twitter acount, or a facebook!

My Twitter is @DJDANNYHILL please follow me! Or add me on Facebook! Just click either one

and you will be there! Here's a little story about me... I hope i'm not that boring:)


Ive made a lot of friends over the years. Some still with us. Some have not made it, as long as i have.

RIP BOOGIE! He is on the far left. He was hit by a car in front of the radio station we worked at

together. Nigel AKA Ryan is next to him. On the far right is Danny Salas (He works for our sister

 station Q97 in Fresno!) . This was his wedding. I DJd it for him.  When Im not on the air I use

 to DJ alot of weddings! I was FAT! LOL Well Also I love my cuzzins! Below are my 2 of my

 Cuzzins Johnny went into the Air Force! I am very Proud of him. God Bless our troops!


Were was I before Bakersfield???? Kauai Hawii.

Is the most northern Island in the chain of Hawaiian islands in the pacific. I lived here for 3 years.

 I snorkeled, surfed, hiked, took helicopter rides. I did it all. What a great experience! This

beach is Anahola Beach its were Will Smith brings his family at least once a year. Dont ask

 him for a picture you wont get it! In Kauai all you do is go to house partys. Luckily the

locals excepted me. They even gave me a cool name Haole Which means Great Guy!

 They use to call me that all the time. There right I am a Great Guy! Ill give you a little

 time to figure out where I am in the photo!



Ive been in radio for 10 plus years. I love my job and i love to help out the community.

If you need me to help you just ask. I will do the best i can. My links are below!

Talk to you soon:)


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